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Byron Reboot is here!

Hi guys,

Last week has been a very good week for the Cardano Community and has been the result of 18 months of hard work from the people working on the Cardano Project! Lot of content has already been releases as well, so I will link the ones I saw around.

As a sum-up, what we got:

  • A new Daedalus, called Daedalus Flight. This is a mainnet wallet, used for delivering and testing features ealier, before it lands on the main Daedalus.
  • An update of the current Mainnet Daedalus. It contains all the new code that IOHK spent almost 2 years rewriting, and does not contain any of the Serokell code anymore.

The main benefit for users is that you should notice wait faster sync time, and wallet restoration can be done in parallel of that process. This essentially mean that on my side, it took around 2h to restore 4 different wallets!

Rick McCrackn made some videos about it on the Digital Fortress Youtube Channel if you are interested in it:

From there, we can now turn and see how the Shelley release will progress, and for those curious about how exactly the roll-out will happen, Charles made a presentation about it:

How we will launch Shelley – Charles

Good stuff are coming, and I’m curious how the final result will look like. Hopefully, that will be something that we can all be proud about!



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