Dear Reader,

Thank you for loosing yourself in this lost region of the web, some place that few of you are ever gonna read. 

I have been now following several projects in the open source space without really getting involved in them for several years now. I was mainly playing with them, looking at how it works, trying to imagine how those improve our world. I have been impressed by the time and devotion that people are able to spend on projects that are able to profit to the community, and I decided that, even if it is an infinitesimal participation, that may help someone else, one day.

I had the opportunity during my free time to look at many things in terms of Science, Technology, Civilization, but looking at too much things over a too short period of time can be quite hard. We are unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view on the matter) not machines, and the knowledge we can retain over time is quite limited. I used to know a lot of stuff that at the time I learnt them didn’t seem so cool, even boring for some, but that I regret not to have kept a trace now. The most painful is to have to go through all my though process, again and again, which can be frustrating.

That’s mainly for this reason that I wish to maintain this virtual place – a place where I can offload part of the stuff I learn in order to be able to revive my memory easily in the future if needed. I want especially to put there all the research and though process, not to have to do it again in the future, as it can take a lot of time to figure out things.

Hope you will have a pleasant reading.