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2021 Update

Here is a quick update of the Cardano part of the ecosystem I have been following this year up until now.

Quite a lot has been done:

  • Shelley has been running without fault and we had several upgrade happening
  • Plutus has been released (we are still awaiting for the Plutus Application Backend)
  • Numerous node optimization

On my side, I haven’t been idle for all this time either:

  • Monitor and upgrade the hardware and software of the pool
  • Was part of the Plutus Pioneer program (I am toying with some ideas at the moment, and will post when I have more updates)
  • Have been digging in the network stack to try to understand what can be done to get it ported to an other language while keep type garanties
  • Toyed with Ogmios (, and create a base program in Rust to get and parse all the results.

Here is the 2 repo with those ideas:

The goal of what I tried to do with mini-explorer and Ogmios is mainly due to frustration of dealing with cardano-db-sync, which has been taking forever to sync on one of my server, and kind of gave up to get it working. Using ogmios to get all the ledger data is much faster, and building an explorer on top of it would seem to me a better solution.

The goal of the mini-cardano was to look at a way to interface directly with a node, without the need of Ogmios. Getting it in a workable state would be equivalent to re-implement part of the Cardano networking layer though, which is quite a big endeavour at the moment. I am aware of libraries like rust-cardano-ouroboros-network, which kind of already do the work, but I wasn’t really fond of the actual implementation (there is no compile time garanties that a protocol is correctly implemented, compared to what is done in the Haskell stack with typed protocols).

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